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We want to remember the good times with family and friends who are no longer with us.

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--Bill Brown (not sure)
was the brother of mike brown,george brown and also mary brown
--Shelia Cashion (2012)
--Bruce Danner (2007)
passed away April 12, 2007 from lukemia
--George Hewitt (not sure)
heard he was working on house and was electricuted
--Ppattrica Hicks
--Phil Hughston
--Robert (Bobby) Reese (5/18/96)
Die from heart attack
--Lyndal Louise Simpson (1963)
--Katurah Skrine (2010)
Katurah had a warm and loving heart and will be missed so very muc. we love you and our memories will never fade away !
--James M. Taylor (1962)
James M. Taylor, known to his friends as Jim, passed away peacefully on July 6th. He celebrated his life with his children and wife of 47 years Ginny Hackney Taylor. Jim had been a residential contactor in Charlotte and the Grand Strand area for forty-five years. Obituary July 8, 2012, The Sun News, Myrtle Beach, SC
--Woody Tuttle (2010 )

--Jack Lindsay (2007)

--Sara Kartherine Adams (2008)
--Sara K Adams (2008)
--Kenneth Hancock (1999)
Died of heart failure. Was married to Carolyn McLauchlin for 49 years.
--Sara Robbins (2008)
She Died on Sept.12

--Ronnie Gardner (June 28, 2008)
Memories of Ronnie are long and lasting for me. I can still picture him in his dress blue Air Force uniform and cruising down Winston Street in his Chevy Impala. He was a very handsome young man with a gorgeous smile and a boyish charm that had all the girls in Tryon Hills a little in love with him. His sister, Judy, and I have shared a lifelong friendship. I know that Ronnie will remain forever close in the hearts and memories of all those who loved and cared about him.
--Pattrica Hicks (early 2000)
--George Richard Lewis III (11/15/2006)
--Dickie Love (Unknown)
Dickie Love was one of my very best friends at Eastway Junior High in 1956/57. I found out about his passing in 1998, but don't know when he died. His name is on the "Deceased List" on the Garinger web page at this address: The details I was told are very tragic, but since it is not first hand information I won't go into that. I just wanted it to be written, that to me he was a great person and I admired his coolness. He never allowed himself to be caught up in the silliness that most of us did. And he was always Kind and Considerate to others.

--Gary Black (Mar 9, 1990)
All star athlete. Went to UNC.
--Bobbie Fink (August 29th 2013)
--Margaret Heath (2009)
Margaret Heath Hill Jackson died in October 2009 of melanoma.
--Linda Keziah (10/11/2010)
obit for Linda Keziah Rhymer in The Charlotte Observer 10/13/2010
--Doris Faye Kinsey (9/7/1961)
--Bobby Mauney (2003)
Bobby was more into beer drinking in high school but had a brilliant mind. He went to Washington and worked for Senator Proximire where he became known as an expert on the federal budget process.He worked hard to conceal just how smart he was and only people who knew him well caught on to him.
--Mary Alma Seymour (Aug. 2003)
Passed after cancer battle. She loved Jesus and family, missed by us.
--Jim Taylor (7-6-2012)

--James Reese (1992)
James w.Reese pased after heart surgery he never woke up ,he left Diane Piercy Reese married 27 years and three children .

--Charles Baucom (1980?)
Charles was the first to pass that I can remember
--Lanny Belk (1998?)
Not sure of the date, lived on lake Norman,died of pancreatic cancer.
--Eddy Brinson (1996)
--Danny Butler (2009)
--Cindy Eison (12-7-08)
Cindy worked for WTVI for many years. She had suffered with Parkinson's Disease for 15 years before her death. Obituary in Charlotte Observer 12-12-08.
--Thomas Britt 'Tommy' 'Whacker' Funderburk (02/24/2010)
obit in The Charlotte Observer 02/25/2010
--John Giles (Jan. 9, 1996)
John grew up in North Charlotte on N. Allen Street and went to Hawthorne and then on to Garinger. He and I were married in 1963 and spent 38 years together before his death in 1996. He was a dedicated Christian who loved the Lord, his family and his friends and co-workers at the Charlotte Observer. He had health issues that started in the early 1970's and finally they took their toll on him in 1996. We had two wonderful sons, Bert and Chris Giles (both graduates of GHS) He is missed by all those who knew him. Linda Pettus Giles Long
--Catherine J. Kalasountas (05/18/2010)
obit in The Charlotte Observer 05/23/2010
--Eric L. Nixon (12/26/07)
--Gordon Singletary (Dec 31, 2010)
Our beloved brother, Gordon died early Dec. 31, 2010. (Peggy (1965) and Laura Singletary 1966).
--Julia Smith (04/08/03)
--Wayne Stover (4/22/92)
--Larry Wilson (2000?)

--Ruby Caldwell (May 29, 2002)
Mrs. Caldwell was a 10th grade English Teacher who came to Garinger High School after teaching at Newell School since 1952. She taught at Garinger until her retirement. She died at the age of 96 and still remembered a lot of her students and would recall certain things about them. She truly loved teaching.

--Skipper Adkins (1963)
--Carole A Alfred (8-21-10)
--Martha Elizabeth Allen (9-10-99)
--Judith Faye Arnett (7-30-10)
Passed away in Mooresville, NC
--Gracia Ann Barker (2-10-96)
--James Beechum Barnes (2-1-10)
--Linda Bartlett (11-06)
--Steve Belk (unknown)
Steve was in an auto accident and had brain damage. He died in a convolence center sometime in the early 90's
--Patti Belk (10-2012)
--Linda Biggers (07-27-09)
--Jimmy Bizzell (06-30-11)
--Robert Dale Blackwell (10-23-12)
--Linda Blalock
--Paul Brown
--Pat Bunn
--Steven Caldwell (2005)
Accidentally killed September, 2005 when tractor of his truck rolled over him.
--Darrell Carlton (12-22-97)
--Patsy Carson
--Richard Childress
--Jerry Edward Clary Clary (1970)
Jerry was serving in the Air Force at the time of his death which occurred while he was on duty at Griffis AFB. I just came across his Snips and Cuts and realized some of his classmates might not have heard of his death. Prior to his death, Jerry had begun taking college classes, so he could attend Seminary when his Air Force commitment was up.
--Glenn Cook
--Betty Jean Crowell (March 16, 2010)
Denver, NC
--Jerry Austin Culler (September 6, 2007)
Charlotte, NC
--Donna Culler (10/23/11)
--Donna Maye Culler (10/23/2011)
obit for Donna Maye Culler Lutz in The Charlotte Observer 10/25/2011
--Chet Cummings
--Stephen Leroy Dalton (November 8, 1995)
Lexington, NC
--Peggy Jane Darnell (July 18, 2008)
East Bend, NC
--James Eugene Draper (June 19, 2006)
Salisbury, NC
--Cynthia Eison
--Curtis Elmore
--Merlida Ann Foss (January 28, 1994)
Wilmington, NC
--Bobby Frickhoeffer (3-31-12)
--James Wilson Furr
--Jim Furr (2009)
--Joel Gaither
--William Robert (Bill) Geer (06-25-08)
--William Robert Geer, Jr (6-25-08)
--Terry Gibbons (02-10-10)
Terry died of a heart attack. He lived in Salisbury, NC.
--Brenda Gibson
--Jerry Gibson
--Barbara Glover (3-24-13)
--Susan Greene (08-01-02)
--Nancy Harris (October 21, 2009)
Charlotte Observer
--Gilbert Hatley
--Frank Melvin Hayes
--Carol Helms (1999)
--Kay Helms (1-06-00)
--Barry Eugene Helms (6-18-08)
--Kathryn Gale Helms (1-13-06)
Lung Cancer
--Eddie Hinson (11-13-13)
--Thomas Lewis Hooper (05/21/2006)
died of Brain Cancer. Charlotte Observer May 2006
--Larry House
--Larry Paul House
--Donna Lynn Hyland
--Linda Jackson
--Aleene Jarvis
--Royster 'Bo' Johnson (12-16-12)
--Royster (Bo) Johnson (12-16-12)
--John Douglas Jones
--Jerry Lester Jordan (12-15-08)
--Ronald Jordan
--Cecelia Ann Kallam
--Gary Kinard (8-06)
--H. Gary Kinard (08/03/2006)
Charlotte Observer Aug. 2006
--Doris Kinsey
--Hoyle Kiser
--Mike Langford (12-15-00)
--Al Little
--Lance Martin (January 15, 2010)
Lance died in Smyrna, TN of a heart attack.
--Ronnie Delane McDaniel (10-10-79)
--Sammy McGee (12-14-13)
--Dennis McGuirt
--Denny McGuirt (5/09)
--Jerry Houck Mikeal
--R. Scott Miller (7-10-2009)
--Scotty Miller (July 10, 2009)
--Sheila Minish (04-10)
--Edward Jackson Morton (12-78)
--Boyce Nelson Mullis (3-28-09)
Sebring, Fl
--Carol Overman (June 30, 2006)
Charlotte Observer Obit
--Joe Franklin Parry, Jr (06-17-09)

--Rebecca Ann Phillips
--Wesley Carl Ray (10-19-03)
--Jana Mitchell Reavis
--Walter Collett Robbins
--William Bruce Robertson, Jr
--Earnie Russ (5-10-12)
--Lyndal Louise Simpson
--Lyndal Simpson (11-25-85)
--Michael Ray Smith
--Ronald Emerson Smith
--Wayne Stover (1992)
--Sylvia Swacker (3-11-13)
--Michael Thomas Swinson
--Tommy Villas
--Mary Ann Ward
--James Edward Ward (09-04-69)
--William Allen Watts
--James Thomas Whitlock
--Loretta Elene Wright (11-2-10)

1963 ?
--Denny McGuirt (May 2009)
Heart problems

--Rick Baker (1966 around then)
In a horse riding accident
--Richard Hubert (Rick) Baker (Late '60's, 70's)
Died in horse riding accident
--Don Bell (May 20-2009)
Don Lee Bell Mr. Bell, of Charlotte, died May 20, 2009, at Presbyterian Hospital
--Bobby Boyd (November 2000)
--Archie Carlyle (1968)
Archie was a great guy who was always smiling. He was a first rate swimmer for the Johnston Memorial YMCA in the late 50's and early 60's. He was accidentally killed by friendly fire on his second tour of duty in VietNam. His name is engraved on the VietNam Veterans Memorial near CPCC in Charlotte.
--Shelia Cashion (Nash) (February 12 2012)
--Theodore Conder (2011)
--Teddy Conder (10/11/2011)
--Theodor Lewis 'Teddy - Ted' Conder, Jr. (10/11/2011)
obit in The Charlotte Observer 10/14/2011
--Stephen Dalton (November 1995)
My brother Stephen died from a brain tumor. He was a Professor at the University of South Carolina with a Ph.D.
--Daryl Davis (1968)
Died in Vietnam while serving in the Air Force
--Darryl Davis (1967)
Died in Vietnam when his plane crashed near Camranh Bay.
--Nancy Dellinger
--JOHNNY GLENN (2007?)
--Gail Goode (1996)
gail died in november 1996 from pancreatitis. i'm her brother david, thought i would post it for her memory. also if anyone knows how to get in touch with eleanor young please call me at 864 834 3719 thank you david goode
--Deanna(penny) Greene (1964)
kidnapped and murdered
--Frank Richard Gulledge (06/08/2011)
obit in The Charlotte Observer 06/15/2011
--Terry Hodges (1967 or 1968)
Terry was a fine, friendly guy who grew up on 36th St. in North Charlotte. He was killed in action in VietNam, another fine young patriot who served and died for his country. God rest his memory.
--Bob (Bobby) Lemmond (2013)
Obituary in Charlotte Observer
--Kenneth 'Ken' Miller (2011)
--Ken Miller (2011)
Died of a heart attack on Bald Head Island where he was running for mayor. Retired banker.
--Ernie Russ (5/10/12)
--Donna Sanders (2008) Donna was the daughter of John and Catherine Sanders (chorus and history teachers at Garinger) and niece of Ed Sanders.
--Harriett Small (2008)
Harriett's obituary appeared in the Charlotte Observer I think in late 2008. I think that she lived in South Carolina. She was a great friend to all who knew her.
--Michael Smith (1967)
Mike(Pinky)Smith died 5/13/67 in Vietnam.L/Cpl United States Marine Corps.Semper Fi my brother....DLM
--Terry Spivey (3/03/06)
He died suddenly of a heart attack my eldest brother.
--Susan Theiling (Nov.1999)
Our wonderful sister died of colon cancer in 1999. Elizabeth Theiling Anderson and Martha Theiling Lynch
--Pat Wright (2005)

--Diane Allen (04-25-10)
Died of Alzheimers Married to Charles Turner, also a Garinger Grad(1965).
--James Clyde (J,C. ) Anderson (8/1984)
My brother went by J.C. He was quite and very sweet. He married his high school sweetheart and had a daughter and a son. He had a massive heart attack at his home.
--Richard Arndt (03/20/3)
--Stephen Baker (01/06/2008)
In Observer Obits on 01/11/2008
--George Barger (1990)
shot/killed driving home from dinner one night
--Diane 'Haney' Baucom (2005)
The entire "Sixties Reunion" Committee (class of 65)will morn the passing of our cherished "Haney" always. She has worked for 40 years in helping us locate and communicate with Garinger Grads...Her memory will be a bright spot in our lives forever! Goodbye our sweet Pal, keep things straight and organized up there and we'll see you soon!
--Rodney Beamer (October 23, 2009)
My brother passed away from a heart attack. All of our family miss him (Gail Beamer Matthews 1964)
--Russell Brown (02/13/13)
--Steve G. Byrd (September 17, 2011)
Reverend Steve Byrd went to be with his Lord after a 15 year battle with Von Hippel Lindau disease which turns to cancer. He was a wonderful pastor for over 40 years, husband, father of 4 sons and 5 grandchildren. He will be missed!
--Linda Davis (02/18/13)
--Charlie Davis (1969)
Died in the servive of his Country.
--Richard Dowdy (2-19-07)
Obituary in Charlotte Observer 2-21-07
--Betty Hoffman
Read her obituary a few years ago in Richmond, Virginia. Married name Gulley.
--Beverly Homewood (January, 2013)
Beverly died after a short bout with cancer. She grew up at Thompson Orphanage.
--BettyJo Jenkins (04/01/12)
--Corndawg Lawter (1999)
We will all miss "The Dawg"...
--David Lee Merritt (03/04/2010)
Dave died in Spartanburg SC where he had lived for the past 30 years
--Tony Morgan (06/01/09)
--Greg Nance (unknown)
--Ronnie Norkett (Unknown)
--Kay Phillips (2003)
Died of Complications with Cancer. Married to Jerry Sims also a Garinger Grad.(1962)
--William Sellers (01/05/13)
--William (Bill) Sellers (2013)
Bill was a member of the 1965 Garinger High School State Baseball team and American Legion Post 9 that won the Legion World Series in 1965. He died of complications from Salivary Gland cancer.
--Kay Shoupe (2003)
--Mark Stroupe (11/21/11)
--Charles Vann (Unknown)
He was a friend to everyone!
--Cama Vesloski (01/10/10)
--Linda Walters (06/26/12)

1965 Graduate
--Beverly Homewood (2013 - January 25.)
Beverly grew up at Thompson Orphanage in Charlotte. Went to Piedmont Jr. High. Was well known at Piedmont. A lovely and witty girl.

1965 graduate
--Beverly Homewood (2013 - January 27.)
Many of you knew Beverly Homewood from growing up at Thompson Orphanage in Charlotte.

--Mary Alexander
--Bettina Sue (Tina) Anderson
--Donna Beatty (1-24-2011)
Donna died suddenly. She was a wonderful christian wife, mother, grandmother, daughter and sister to Charlotte Beatty. Donna is with Jesus and we will see her again one day.
--Gary Wayne Bruton (02/09/2011)
obit in The Charlotte Observer 02/12/2011
--Ricky Byerly (Unknown)
Passed away in Atlanta from a heart attack.
--Nancy Cashion (April 20, 2012)
Obit in Observer April 27, 2012
--JOHN COOK (4/8/12)
--Vermel Cox (late 1960's)
I understand that Vermel was thrown from her horse and died not too long after gradution. Vermel was a very sweet girl.
--Spencer Edwards (07-29-2008)
--Barron Elam (mid 1970s)
Barron was a good friend from Eastway and Garinger. He was struck and killed by a car while crossing a street.
--Donald Flock (2008)
Donald passed away 3/20/08 due to a heart attack
--Roger Foster (unknown)
I waas told of his passing by Charles Alexander
--Gerald Pug Funderburke
--Trey Grice (not sure)
Trey was a friend since we were kids. He was always willing and ready to help you are someone when he could. Lot of fun and good memories. Fred Mauney
--Herbert Griffin (1982)
Herb passed away on Christmas Eve 1982 after a six year battle with a brain tumor.
--Gary Hite (Nov.8th 2001)
Gary died of a heart attack in Atlanta. He was survived by his wife Beth and their three children.
--Kenneth Horton
--Timothy Jones (2009)
Timothy Lee Jones, known as Tim Jones, who was my brother, died Monday, December 7, 2009 of pancreatic cancer. He is survived by his wife, Diane, of Longwood, Fl, his two sons, Matthew and Eric, and his brother, Richard B. Jones, class of 1968. Orlando Sentinel, 12/07/2009: TIMOTHY JONES, 61, Longwood, died Monday. Collison Family Funeral Home & Crematory, South Seminole Chapel, Longwood.
--Maurice Mallet
--June Christie Manley (03/05/2010)
June Christie Manley Roach obit in The Charlotte Observer 03/07/2010
--Christie Manley (2010)
Christie passed away after battling pancreatic cancer. Her obit was in the Sunday paper (3/7/10)
--Anita Cheryl McClure
--Jerry Page (unknown)
--Geno Petrie (10-18-2011)
--Michael Price
--Fred Ramseur (1967)
Was electrocuted at church camp.
--Liz Ranson (April 5, 2005)
--Tilman W Reavis (?)
--Tilman (Tim) Wright Reavis (1984)
A dear friend from Hawthorne thru Garinger. a shy but incredible man. I miss you Timmy. CLF
--Linda Rizzo (May 2013)
--Harry Clark (Skipper) Sharpe (2005 (Approx))
Died in Asheville of a heart attack.
--Phillip Shaw (2009)
Was getting a liver transplant; when the doctor opened him up, he found a very aggressive cancer.
--Brad Slocum (June 20, 2009)
Kenneth Bradford Slocum Mr. Slocum, age 62, a Charlotte native of Lake Wylie, SC, died Saturday, June 20, 2009. He was born on February 16, 1947 in Charlotte. He was a loving husband and devoted father with a dry sense of humor and infectious laugh that brought joy to all who knew him. He was preceded in death by his father, Kenneth Matteson Slocum. He is survived by his wife of 31 years, Julie; daughter, Lindsay Slocum and partner Sean Halpin; son, Scott Slocum; daughter, Melissa Slocum; grandchild, Teagan Annette Halpin; mother, Annette Bennett Slocum; and sister, Susan Slocum Church, husband Robbie, and their daughter Amanda Bennett Church. His memorial service and visitation will be held at River Hills Community Church, 104 Hamilton's Ferry Road, Lake Wylie, SC 29710 on Thursday, June 25, 2009 at 11 a.m. with Senior Pastor Bruce Jones officiating.
--Terry Smith (2011)
Terry and his two brothers, Larry and Jerry Smith grew up on Mecklenburg Avenue. Larry is the only one surving now.
--RONNIE SWETT (DEC. 7 2006)
--Fran Teal (May 6, 1970)
--Francella Swanson Teal
--Brenda Unsell (1982)
Brenda Joyce Unsell, wife of Norman Edwards. Brenda was my wife for 15 years and we have two children and 3 grandchildren. Brenda was a life long resident of Charlotte/Matthews N.C. She was killed in an auto accident in Matthews N.C. on October 8, 1982.
--Donna Wentz (April 16, 2003)
Beloved Sister, passed after long illness with Diabetes. Loved life, her family, daughter Jo and Grandson Kenny. See you in Heaven Sis!
--James Wilson
Jimmy died of a heart attact in Atlanta Ga. while at a Rolling Stones concert. He was a life long resident of Charlotte N.C. He left two sons and many friends who will remember all of the great times we had.
--Steven Yandle (Jan. 26th 2013)
--Steven Bernard Yandle (2013)
It is with sadness that I must tell you that Steve died in Boone, NC on the 26th of January 2013. He lived twelve years with many severe health issues. He fought a long and hard fight to try to regain better health. It seemed something else would bring him down soon after recovering somewhat from his last health problem. His obituary was published in The Charlotte Observer on Monday, 28 January 2013. We were college sweethearts and were married for 45 years. We have three sons - all very smart just like Steve. His widow, Suzzette

--Ernestine Adamee (unknown)
--Jimmy Anderson (199X)
Jimmy passed away with brain cancer, I apologize for not remembering the exact year, it was either the late 80's or early 90's.
--Larry Aycock (2007)
Larry went to Merry Oaks, Eastway, & Garinger. Would have graduated in 67; however dropped out for some reason
--Tommy Barwig (unknown)
--Michael Branch (unknown)
--Rhonda Broome (unknown)
--Roger Brown (unknown)
--Stewart Butler (August 9, 2004)
Stewart passed away from the complications of liver cancer. He lived in Austin, Texas and was married and the father of two grown children. He operated a successful home remodeling business and played music around Austin.
--Robert Campbell (2003 or 2004)
--Carol Cuthbertson (unknown)
--Cynthia Davis (unknown)
Breast cancer
--Judy Fisher-Schmidt (1967)
9/24/2009, Judy passed away from cancer in Cape Coral, FL.
--Jonald Flow (Not sure)
--Freddie Hinsonb (2002)
kidney failure from diabetes
--Brenda Holt (unknown)
--Blair Hullett (unknown)
--Deborah (Debby) Jones (August 22, 2012)
Deborah (Debby) was living in California when she developed and died of ovarian cancer. She taught and was very involved with the Waldorf Schools System.
--Diane Jordan (2000)
Passed away in 2000
--Linda Jordan (unknown)
--Tony Leonard (not sure)
Tony was a good friend, we worked togeather at Staton's grocery store on N.Davidson St. while attending Garinger. He died of a massive heart attack.
--Virginia Lloyd (unknown)
--Wilma Long (unknown)
--Cynthia Long (2009)
Cynthia survived many years fighting cancer but the Lord finally called her home.
--Vickie Love (unknown)
--Douglas Bruce Meier (unknown)
--Robert Moore (unknown)
--Sylvia Newman (early 1970s)
Sylvia was apparently the victim of foul play.
--Steve Nivens (8-15-2008)
Steve was part of The Garinger Wildcat Hour radio program.(Obituary Charlotte Observer 8-17-08)
--James Orr (unknown)
--Anthony Pridgen (1987 or 1997)
Automobile accident
--Matthew Redd (unknown)
--Karen Sigwart (1-16-2012)
Karen died from complications of ALS.
--Frank Spivey (unknown)
--Carlton Tadlock (unknown)
--Mike Taylor (unknown)
--Deborah Thompson (unknown)
--John Thompson (unknown)
airplane crash
--Gray Wilson (2007)
Gray Wilson died at 12:01, January 1, 2007, in Wesley Chapel, FL. He had been ill for some time, battling throat, then lung and finally liver cancer. He had two children, Branden (Brandy) Chopelas and Ben Wilson.
--Steve Wilson (July 31, 2007)
Steve had a long bout with cancer. (Charlotte Observer obituary August 2, 2007)
--John Young (unknown)
--John Zweig (unknown)

--Lavant Williams
Heart Attack

--Gary Aderholt (March 2012)
--Lois Benson (not sure)
Not sure cause of death. I was told domestic.
--Roelof Boon (8-16-2012)
Ralph died after a long battle with lung cancer.
--Sandy Burnham (1970)
--Shad Cadieu (Not sure)
Shad was married to Cathy Weaver from the class of 1969.
--Steven Campbell (7/6/2005)
Campbell, Steven Reece - Steven Reece Campbell Mr. Campbell, 54, passed away Wednesday, July 6, 2005. Born August 4, 1950 in Charlotte, he was a son of the late ... Published in the Charlotte Observer on 7/9/2005.
--David Canup (November 14 2013)
David Franklin Canup Sr., 63, of Salisbury, NC went home to be with his Lord and Savior November 14, 2013 Married to Brenda Burgin
--Christine Cook (1980)
Automobile accient. She had a twin sister Caroline.
--John Davis (1-16-02)
--Virginia Deese (9-22-2010)
Obituary in The Charlotte Observer. 9-24-10.
--Steve Draddy (2007)
died after a long battle of Lou Garetts disease
--Pat Early (1977)
Pat died of cancer in 1977. He was married to Sue Alexander (Garinger class of 1968).
--Cy Foy (not sure)
--Junior Garmon (1990)
Junior had moved to Texas, remarried and had a 6 month old daughter when he died as a result of cancer.
--Sam Garrison (12-18-2007)
Sam was a drum major during his senior year at Garinger. He died of complications of Diabetes. (obituary in Charlotte Observer 12-23-07)
--Ronnie Griffith (1968)
Was killed in Vietnam shortly after going over there in the Fall of '68
--Susie Hooper (not sure)
--Sammy Irby ('68 or '69)
I think I heard he was killed in Vietman
--Lloyd(Mickey) Kelly (03-14-90)
Mickey passed away at the age of 39 in V.A. Hospital in Salsbury,N.C. was married and father of 2 sons. He had pneumonia.
--Diane Key (1998)
--William Kranick (not sure)
--Theresa Little (2003 or 2004)
Not really sure when she died, but I did see her obit in the paper.
--Mike Martin (2003?)
--Larry Martin (unknown)
--Pat McSwain
--Allen Moody (1994)
Allen died from a massive heart attack while he was at the rehearsal for his son, Joey's wedding.
--George Marion Morrell (2007)
George, who was living near Bostic, North Carolina, died in the latter part of 2007 from complications of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. George is survived by his two sisters Linda Morrell-Gordon and Martha Morrell-Shinn, both Garinger alumni.
--Ansel Morse (not sure)
--Jimmy Nash (July 12, 2007)
Jimmy passed away in Columbia, SC. He had a bad disease that could have been prevented(Columbia) - Family and friends will pay their respects Monday to the former USC football player who lost his battle with a genetic disease last week. Nash passed away after an extended battle with hemochromatosis.
--Brigetta Netoft
She was our Foreign Exchange Student in 1968...she died several years ago....
--Al Norris (not sure)
--Ronnie Oxford (In the 1980s)
--Connie Pendleton (1997)
--Pixie Perdue (1972)
Pixie was in a head-on collision when she was returning from a family reunion.
--Bobby Reese (not sure)
--Susan Schipman (2009)
Died of heart failure, a sad story
--Kaye Shoemaker (01/25/2011)
obit for Kaye Shoemaker Lefler in The Charlotte Observer 01/26/2011
--Terry Sims
Not sure
--William 'Bill' Smith (2003 ? )
colon cancer
--Miriam Diane Smith (04/17/2011)
obit for Miriam Diane Smith Simms in the Charlotte Observer 04/21/2011
--Miriam Smith (4-17-11)
Married to Johnny Simms(Garinger class of 1967. Obituary in Charlotte Observer 4-20-11.
--Jack Spivey (9/11/02)
jack my brother passed after a long term lung illness.
--Lynda Stallings (6-26-2002)
Lynda married Steve Stoeckel. She was an artist as well as a vocalist with locals bands, including Eros with Steve. Lynda is missed every day, although her spirit remains with all of us.
--Larry Taylor (1992)
--Emanuel Vincent
--Mickey Warren
--Sue Ellen Whitener (2005)
Sue Ellen Helms Mrs. Helms, 55, of Charlotte, NC, went to be with the Lord on June 30, 2005, due to complications from Lyme Disease. She was born January 31, 1950 to the Rev. Olin and Mrs. Alice Whitener. A memorial service to celebrate the life of Sue Ellen Helms will be 11:00 AM Saturday, July 2, at McEwen Derita Chapel, 6300 Mallard Creek Road, with the Reverend Dr. Olin Whitener, the Reverend Johnny T. Helms, and the Reverend Scott Welch officiating. (Obituary excerpt from the Charlotte Observer)
--Sharon Wilson (07/07/2007)
My sister Sharon passed away due to heart failure in Phoenix, AZ. (Re: Charlotte Observer Obit. 07/2007).
--Diane Wood

--Willet Adams (3-27-2012)
"Buzz" was a highly decorated veteran of the Vietnam War. He was a member of the 101st Airborne. Before his death, he had been a commercial truck driver for over thirty years. (Obituary in the Charlotte Observer 3-29-2012)
--Bobby Bacot (2000)
Member of the football team and went on to play at Tenn. Grandson of former Mecklenburg Co sherriff Clyde Hunter.
--Craig Bizzell (May 6,1999)
Craig died shortly after our last class reunion.
--Steve Bolin (10-11-2008)
Obituary in Charlotte Observer 10-14-08.
--Herb Burns (7-20-2010)
Obituary in the Charlotte Observer 7-22-10.
--Dixie Burrell (11-02-2006)
Obituary in 11-4-2006 edition of the Charlotte Observer.
--Johnny Chesser (Not sure)
--Gregg Duckworth (1-10-2005)
Gregg was the staff artist for "The Rambler" while attending Garinger.
--Teddy Foster (February,1999)
Teddy died in a plane crash.
--Bill Hall (October 28,2005)
--Ken Hefner (8-21-2009)
Obituary in Charlotte Observer 8-22-09.
--Michael Morris Hinson (03/16/2010)
obit in The Charlotte Observer 04/22/2010
--Anna Johnson (November,2003)
--Scott Lambert (Not Sure)
Scott died before our 20th reunion in 1989.
--Janet Love (2-4-2009)
Janet was a good friend and we will miss her very much-Obituary in the Charlotte Observer 2-6-2009
--Eddie Mauney
--Barry Mc Gee (3-18-06)
Barry died on 3-18-06 after suffering from lung cancer.(Charlotte Observer 3-19-06)
--Darlene McCall (Richard) (11/22/2013)
(Obituary in The Charlotte Observer 11/24/2013)
--Tim Moore (late 80's/early/90's)
Tim passed away of complications from AIDS. He remained active until the very end.
--David Morelock (Not sure)
Died before our 25th reunion in 1994.
--Johnny Pace (Not sure)
Johnny died before our 20th reunion in 1989.
--Jeff Petris (1969)
Jeff Petris and other members of his family were killed in an automobile accident enroute to the beach shortly after we graduated in 1969.
--William Powell (Not sure)
He died before our 20th reunion in 1989.
--Lemmie Pressley (Not sure)
Died before our 25th reunion in 1994.
--Darlene Richards (2013)
Darlene passed away 11/22/13 after a long battle with cancer
--Earle Royce (9-10-1990)
--Lewis {Willie} Scott (Not sure)
Died unexpectatly on Christmas Eve before our 20th reunion in 1989.
--Debra Stainback (10-22-1989)
--Mike Starnes (4-7-1994)
--Frank Stotts (July 17, 2002)
Frank died at his home in Valley Head, WV after a long illness. He had been a travel agent in Dallas,TX for more than 20 years before his health failed.
--Roger Thomas (October 22, 2010)
Obituary in the Charlotte Observer 11-5-2010.
--Linda Wentz (May,1999)

--Cindy Atkins (12-8-07)
Obituary in Charlotte Observer 12-9-07
--Jay Bridges (Not sure)
--Bobby Brown (not sure)
Bobby was a dear friend. He was always kind, neat and fun to dance with. He had a certain style and class about him. Pressures from the fast paced materialistic world took him from us. I will never forget him.
--Charlene Burgin (April 18,2009)
--Michael (Mike) Daniel Campbell (11/27/2009)
obit in Charlotte Observer 11/30/2009
--Steve Cochrane (July 3, 2009)
Steve died of Pancreatic Cancer. He was living in New York at the time of his death. Steve was Garinger's Student Body President during the 1969-1970 school term.
--Cindy Cook (1983)
My older sister, Cindy Cook, died in 1983 at the age of 31 of a heart condition. Our family misses her every day. She modeled part-time, worked full-time and lived in TN with her former husband and two sons.
--Carlos Gilstrap (In the 1970s)
Died as a result of injuries sustained in an auotmobile accident. Carlos was a drum major during the 1969-1970 school year.
--Lanis James (10-4-08)
Played drums in the band. Obituary in Charlotte Observer 10-6-08
--Mark LeChette
--Charles Montieth (Not sure-1970s)
Killed in a motorcycle accident.
--Tommy Moore (2004)
--Envoy Nance (2004?)
--Bobby Pace (3-28-09)
Bobby and his brother Johnny were part of a rock band called the Paragons while they were students at Garinger. (obituary Charlotte Observer 3-31-09)
--Frank Ponce (Not sure)
--John Rouse (not sure)
A big fan of the Paragons band - 1967-1969
--Mike Russell (around 2007)
Mike passed away from brain cancer.
--Karen Sacra (Not Sure)
--Kim Sherrill (1-22-2012)
Kim was once married to Gary Hamlet from Garinger class of 1969.
--Robert Smith (2004 or 2005)
Believe Robert lived in Taylorsville and was an attorney at the time of his death.
--Mike Thompson (8-15-06)
(obituary-Charlotte Observer 8-20-2006)
--Michael 'Mike' Torrence (June 30, 1972)
Michael was killed in a car train accident after work on June 30, 1972.
--Donna Deaton Voltz (2012)
Donna passed away last week after a short bout with cancer. She was a long time neighbor of my mom's and we just found out recently that Donna was being treating for Leukemia. and it had only been a few weeks later that we saw her death in the paper.

--Micky Armeen (uncertain)
Sadly, Micky fell upon hard times over the years
--Cynthia Barnes (05-16-2003)
Cynthia Barnes Gusler was so full of life. Although she faced many struggles resulting from multiple sclerosis and then later from cancer, she never once lost her faith or her love for Jesus Christ.
--Linda Danner (Sept. 2009)
I just saw the Obiturary in the paper last week. We were casual friends at Cochrane and Garinger. She lived in my neighborhood, and we had some classes together. I had run into her many years ago ( at least 15) at a Garinger reunion, but that was the last time I had seen her. I was sad to hear of her passing. She had two sisters and a brother that also went to Garinger as far as I know, but don't know what years.
--Bobby Hand (not sure )
died of a heart attack at his home
--Pat Harrington (11/27/2010)
She will be remembered as a kind and loving person. She will be missed.
--Eddie Hefner (Not Sure)
--Ricky Hyde
--Keith Isaacs (July 12, 2003)
Keith was a good athlete(particularly baseball), a fun guy, and a friend thru-out high school. I wish we had stayed in contact over the years. I know he is deeply missed by family and friends.
--Eddie McGinnis (1973)
Was a clerk in a convience store, executed by robbers.
--Tommy Neeley
--Susan Query (9-8-2012)
--Wayne Reynolds
--Stan Shooter
--James Smith (2001)
Jimmy played in the band during high school. Death was unexpected
--Wanda Thomas (2012)
--Tony Turner
I think he quit school in the 11th grade
--John Walsh (2000? not sure)
--Donnie Warloch (?)
--Roy Watts (2006)
I was told Roy passed away from cancer, but don't know the details.
--Bill (Willie) Wilson (10/01/2001)
--Kenneth 'Kenny' Compton Wooten (11/07/08)
Kenny left Garinger and graduated in Alief Texas when our parents were transfered out of Charlotte. He died unexpected at home of a blood clot to the lungs. He left a son, wife Liz, sibs Sandi (67), Scott, Cheri, Susan, we love and miss him.

--Mike Banks (4/1/2009)
Mike had a massive heart attack and left his wife Donna Keistler and a son and daughter. I miss my brother very much
--Ricky Blake (2007)
--Sheila Burgin (3/6/07)
Sheila will always be a dear friend.
--Stewart Cheek (12/1/2005)
Died of heart related problems.
--Anita Estridge (2003)
my baby sister Anita passed away at home from complications of the flu ..we miss her
--Earl Rhyne Faires Jr. Faires (2010)
Earl " Sonny" transfered to a different school in 1970, but graduated in 1972. He died from colon cancer complications. Deborah Faires Cherry,sister
--Gary Henderson (2-4-2011)
--Patrica Herring (11/27/2010)
This is a correction from earlier.Pats last name was Herring. She will be missed by me very much.
--Charles Page (uncertain)
Charles attended Eastway & Garinger
--Kathy Pike (Aug. 21, 2001)
Kathy Pike Harrell Clark died of cancer on Aug. 21, 2001. She is greatly missed.
--Theresa Rushing (aug.2011)
--Dennis Patrick Shaw (10/16/2010)
obit in The Charlotte Observer 10/18/2010
--Janet Simpson (2010)
Janet was reported missing on December 5, 2010. Her vehicle was later found in Belmont near the Catawba River. Her body washed ashore on 2-23-11. Janet's obituary was published in the Charlotte Observer on 2-25-11.
--Janet Elizabeth Simpson (12/05/2010)
obit in The Charlotte Observer 02/25/2011
--Walter (Wally) Walker (1987)
Died at age 33 in an auto accident. Left behind a wife and 5 children. One sweet guy, my brother. Cheryl Walker McClellan
--Stephanie Zagar (8/5/2012)
Stephanie died of congestive heart failure and pulmonary hypertension. She survived 4 different types of breast cancer,with kindness and caring supported others also afflicted. Our family is deeply saddened by her death.

--Wayne Barnes (12-15-1995)
Wayne died in Monroe NC.
--Brad Bradshaw (2/17/2007)
--Vickie Bryant
--Vicki Bryant (2004)
--Marlice Carey (2/15/1997)
--Earl Rhyne 'Sonny' Faires (2000)
If there are any questions about my original request to add my brother to your list please call me 910 254 3428 or email
--Marsha Hendricks
--Rick Hill (2005)
My brother Rick passed away unexpectedly in October,2005. We miss him more than words allow.
--Dean Johnson (1997)
Died in NYC.
--David Lyman
--Victor Miller (2002)
Vic was my only brother, I miss him so much. He passed from bacterial pnemonia. RIP Vic Love You!
--Ricky Pierce (2009)
passed away july 2009 of heart failure
--Ricky Pierce (2009)
--Eleta 'Diane' Smith (Passed July 19, 2010)
Born 13 months apart, Diane was my only sister and my best friend. I miss her dearly. She cherished her gift of life and was an inspiration to all who knew her. Due to birth defects which showed up at 26 yrs. of age, she struggled for 14-1/2 years before receiving a Double-Lung Transplant with a heart repair. Thanks to a donor family, she enjoyed a lot of quality years before she went into lung rejection in 11/09. The Lord called her home to join our brother Steve Smith and our parents on 7/19/2010. Our brother Mike Smith joined them 2 weeks ago. Diane and her husband John Procino celebrated 30 years of marriage. (Posted by her sister, Pam Smith Rudd) Rest in peace Sis.
--Harold Smith
--Barry Torrence
--Dier Ward (April 18,2007)
He was a member of the band and had a lot of friends. Was very athletic ran in triathalons and worked at McDonalds from his teen years until the day he passed.Had a massive heart attack totally unexpected.We will miss him and try to live life like he did. What a wonderful Brother.
--Jenny Wensil (September 2012)
Jenny was married to Fred O'Daniel Class of '72.

--John (Lynn) Black Jr. (07-06-1974)
Lynn and his Father died in a car accident in Jefferson SC.

--Vicky Banks (April 10, 2009)
Vicky died of a Gastric by-pass infection. She left behind a daughter. I miss my sister very much!
--Lynn Brandes (2013)
--Larry Clark (12-06-1973)
--Judy Coffey
--Jay Curlee (October 28, 1974)
Jay died tragically in at the Balloon Rally in Statesville when his parachute didn't open.
--James 'Jimmy' Dean (2000)
My brother Jimmy died of internal complications in February 2000. He was 44. His wit and humor touched many of us, and we miss him every day.
--Jimmy Dean (02/08/2000)
Jimmy graduated in 1974. He was in JROTC at Garinger, was an Eagle Scout, and attended Plaza Presbyterian Church.
--Richard Downing (May 1976)
A best friend to anyone who knew him.
--Vivian Hazelton (04/15/2008)
My beautiful wife passed from a brain tumor.
--Rick Hill (2005)
--Donna Lewis (2011?)
Donna passed from Cancer. Married name was Penny.
--Darrell (Mark) Rice (11-17-2008)
--John Rumph (8-2-09)
--Carol Steinhaeur. Sp? (1996?)
--Kay Williams (1-7-2011)
Obituary in Charlotte Observer 1-10-2011.

--Rebecca (Becky) Abernethy (10-19-76)
This was my sister. Died under very sad circumstances. Kathryn (Kathy) Abernethy
--Paul Christensen (1998)
Paul was killed by a drunk driver in Charlotte. He was my brother and I miss him.
--Robert Derry (1995)
--Reggie Irby
--Debbie James (12/25/76)
one of sweetest girls I ever knew, she was like a sister to me... still miss her.
--Vickie McKenny (1975)
such a sweet person, terrible what happened
--Harold Llyod Mcwhirter (1977)
He died of Leukemia. He was newly married, with a son. His nickname was "Butch" He lived across from Midwood Park. He drove a Mustang, and had a little MG. There is a memorial at Midwood Baptist Church. I always had a crush on him, he was blue eyed and had light brown curly hair, CUTE!
--Tim Philmom
--Karen Reed (Dec 7 2001)
--James Trull (March 2013)
Knew him in grade school. not sure how he died or if he went to Garinger or West Charlotte.

--Jawhar Sadallah 'Joe' Badran (12/28/2008)
obit in The Charlotte Observer 02/01/2009
--Clayton (Scot) Currie (08-17-2000)
--June Elizabeth Day (7/12/1991)
obit for June Elizabeth Day Johnson in The Charlotte Observer 7/14/1991
--Billy Ray Green (09-08-2000)
--James Michael 'Mike' Lawing (11/12/2010)
obit in The Charlotte Observer 11/15/2010
--Roger Mayer (08/10/07)
Roger had a brain tumor removed and was still in hospital doing fine, but then he had an aneurism. He will be missed by many
--Barbara Mortimer (12/04/2011)
obit for Barbara Mortimer Wilson in The Charlotte Observer 12/11/2011
--Alan Gregory Raulerson (06/22/2011)
obit in The Charlotte Observer 06/25/2011
--Danny Ray Richie (12/02/2010)
obit in The Charlotte Observer 12/04/2010
--Douglas Edward Riley (09-25-1989)
--Alan Daniel 'Danny' Russell (10/04/10)
obit in The Charlotte Observer 10/06/10
--Joey David Stutts (2-5-2004)
--Woodrow Lee (Woody) Tuttle (01/26/2010)
Woodrow Lee (Woody) Tuttle obit in The Charlotte Observer 01/30/2010

1976 Garinger
--Charles Alan Garmon (february 3 2008)
He left behind 2 children, Jake and Brittany.

--Mary Lu Burch (03/19/2010)
Mary Lu Burch Sides obit in The Charlotte Observer 03/21/2010
--Darryl Hill (Nov 3 2008)
Darryl died in his sleep.
--William Timothy 'Tim' Parker (08/24/2010)
obit in The Charlotte Observer 08/29/2010
--Andrew R. 'Slim' Pickens (11/17/2011)
0bit in The Charlotte Observer 1120/2011
--Jan Winstead (11-2-99)
Jan died of stomach cancer, she has 1 daughter and 2 grandchildren. I am her sister, we all miss her so much!

--Bill Brown
Bill Brown, brother of Michael, Cindy, David and Mary Brown, class of 1978.
--Billy Burch (March 11 2013)
Had lost touch with him, but I was fortunate enough to meet back up with him 6 months or so before his passing a very talented musician and always had a smile for a friend
--Sandy Campbell (02/11)
--Harold Dixon
--Mike Farr (October 2010)
cancer - survived by wife
--Sandra Lynne Frye (06/03/2011)
obit for Sandra Lynne Frye McDaniel in The Charlotte Observer 06/06/2011
--Dowanda Hoagland (03/12/2010)
Dowanda Hoagland Godwin ob in The Charlotte Observer 03/17/2010
--William Christopher 'Chris' Nolan (01/02/2011)
obit in The Charlotte Observer 01/04/2011

--Sherry (Martin) Jones (November 17, 2011)
--Renee Blakley (1983)
--Jon Kenneth Carpenter (9-5-2009)
--Donald Day (3-31-2009)
Obit was in Observer April 1 or 2nd
--Sherry Martin (11/17/2011)
obit for Sherry Martin Jones in The Charlotte Observer 11/18/2011
--Sherry Polk (3-13-2009)
of cancer-She will be loved and missed forever by everyone whose lives she has touched.
--Mark Adam Putnam (9/17/2011)
obit in The Charlotte Observer 09/22/2011

--Diane Crawford (Not Sure)
Sister of Tammy Crawford
--Sylvia ' Diane' Crawford (Not sure)
Diane fell on hard times, became homeless and eventually died of Rocky Mountain fever as I was told. She was one of my best friends in 10th grade. I was saddened to hear of her passing.
--Kent Long (dec 1 2006)
Kent was a dear friend who loved God. I still think of him often. Kent died while running beside the fire station he worked at on W.T. Harris Blvd. Bobby Moore
--Leigh Tavenner (9-18-05)

--Deborah Chambers (2012)
RIP Deborah
--Larry Dale Davis Jr. (03/10/2010)
obit in The Charlotte Observer 03/13/2010
--Mary Jane Riley
Hung herself

--Ronnie Burris (Feb 2005)
Heart Attack
--Regina Clickscales (2012)
RIP Regina
--Regina Clinkscales (2012)
Passed away in 2012 (breast cancer) RIP
--Jeannine Ellis (October 18, 2008)
Died after a 15 year battle with liver cancer
--Marion Harmon
Mae was loved by all. I sure miss that smile. I was at the funeral and was told he fell asleep leaving a third shift job.
--Robert (Bob) Samuels (not sure)
--Cassandra Spencer
Married Scott phifer during our senior year. 1982. Later married Greg davis also from Garinger
--Sara Vick
Domestic. Violence.....

--Samantha Aldridge (not sure)
--Deborah Chambers (2012)
Deborah died of cancer in late 2012
--David Ledbetter (1993)
--Eddie Thomas (9/17/09)

--Stephanie Crawford (January 2006)
--Becky Hunter (May 2006)
Breast Cancer
--David Little (7/1/2013)
David was killed in an auto accident while visiting his Dad. A drunk driver crossed the center line and he was killed instantly.
--Nancy Woodell McCall (10/2009)
My sister, died of leukemia in 10/2009. She was married with two children. I miss her-she was the most loyal person I have ever known and miss her greatly.
--Kim Mobley (9/23/2009)
--Charles Ernest 'Chuck' Plyler, Jr. (05/03/2011)
obit in The Charlotte Observer 05/06/2011
--Trent Stover (1985-86?)
Heard he was in the US Marine Corps and was killed in a helicopter crash in the North Atlantic within a year or two of graduation.

--Cindy Voltz King Voltz (1999)
Tragic drowning - circumstances unknown for the most part. She was one of my best friends for years and I hate that I didn't keep up with her when our lives took very different paths. I did attend her funeral and it was so very sad. She left 2 small children. I loved her - she had the best smile in the world!

--Margaret Propst Matkins Propst (11/11/05)
Died very unexpectedly of a stroke.
--Becky Rowell
--Lori Stegall (9-27-2009)

--Jimmy Todd Blakley (07/12/1998)

--Morris Whitaker (2010)
Morris,or Clint as he was often called,was well known amongst the graduating class of '01. Sleep peacefully Morris we miss you dearly & will see you again.

--Rahiem Brown (2008)
he was the most dedicated to blue funk sound machine

--Jamikeal Eison (September 22, 2009)
He Will be missed

--Brittany Palmer (2012)
--Rayshawn Rainey (2010)
New Tech and fellow schools LOVED you RayRay and we will NEVER forget you baby !!

--Rashawn Rainey (2009)
r.i.p rayray we love u will never leave our hearts u we a firend to al n we will miss u buu so lyke u use to say o yea show u right rayray xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxoxoxoxxoxoxox

approx. 1978
--Doug Phillippi (March 29, 2012)
ALS/Lou Gehrig's Disease

Class of 1970
--Michael D. (Mike) Smith (Aug. 17, 2013)
Mike WON his long hard battle against multiple types of cancer when the Lord called him home to join our sister, brother, and parents. Mike was married to his wife Annetta for 36 years. They had 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren. Resided in Port St. Lucie, FL. Rest in peace brother. (Posted by sister, Pam Smith Rudd)

--John Robinson (1985)
John was a chemistry and science teacher as well as a very good baseball coach, I'll paraphrase one of his common phrases he used to decribe other, 'John was a winner'. He was good to me, a coach from the 'old' school, and good to his players. Ken Shields

Football Coach/1977?
--Bob Jacobs (8/8/2011)
Obit in Sunday paper/8/14/2011

Graduated in 1984
--Willie DeVorn Mayes Jr. (April 9, 1988)
Willie attended Plaza Road Elem., Eastway Jr. High, and graduating from Garinger High School in 1984. Willie was in ROTC, played football, ran track but was best at Wrestling were he brought the first State Wrestling Championship to Garinger High School. Willie went on to attend Pembroke College now named University of North Carolina at Pembroke. While in college he was also commissioned 2nd lieutenant in the U.S. Army. A month before he was to receive his Degree in Business Administration and Management he was killed in a car accident on 4/9/88. Willie was and still is loved by so many people that knew him. We love you "Bro".

--Donald Cook (9-28-05)

Math Teacher
--Jane Boyd (2008/2009)
Ms. Boyd passed away in late 2008 or early 2009.

Not Sure
--Sherry Pharr ? - 1982/1983 (04/04/08)
She passed in 2006 (approx)

Office Staff
--Nadine (Dene) Carson Sinclair (02/15/2005)
Before retiring, she served on the staff at Garinger High School and Central Piedmont Community College where she touched the lives of many students.

--Ed Sanders (12-26-2010)
Mr Sanders was 88. His obituary appeared in the Charlotte Observer.

--Nan Abell (8-6-2005)
--Ray Alston (3-21-2007)
Special Education teacher. (Obituary in Charlotte Observer 3-23-07)
--Charles Auten (Not sure)
Mr.Auten was a Drivers Ed teacher. He died as a result of a freak accident.
--Mary Balle (2002)
English teacher at Central and Garinger.(obituary Greenville News 11-1-2002)
--Virginia Boyd (8-30-2007)
Mrs.Boyd taught Home Ec classes at Garinger. (obituary in the Charlotte Observer 9-1-07)
--Hubert Douglas Crotts (02/09/2011)
obit for Hubert Douglas (Doug) (HD) Crotts in The Charlotte Observer 02/11/2011
--Sara DeBerry (July 31, 2009)
Math Teacher. Obituary in Charlotte Observer 8-2-2009
--Faye Deese (4-7-2012)
Obituary in The Charlotte Observer (4-10-2012). Mrs. Deese taught English at Garinger. Some students remember her as Mrs. Martin. She remarried in 1966.
--Irving Edelman (3-19-2012)
Dr. Edelman was a history teacher and a coach at Central and at Garinger. He left Garinger in 1967 to work for WTVI. Dr. Edelman later became a principal with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School system. He retired in 1990 after after 47 years as an educator. Dr. Edelman died six days before his 91st birthday. (Obituary in the Charlotte Observer 3-25-2012)
--Jeanne Fitzsimmons (Not sure)
Mrs. Fitzsimmons taught Advanced English to Juniors. Her sons JV and Mike graduated from Garinger.
--Sabra Griffin (8-9-2008)
Mrs. Griffin taught Typing and other Business courses at Garinger. (Obituary in Charlotte Observer 8-17-08)

--Jean Grisdale (Unknown)
math teacher and yearbook advisor.

--Frances Hawn (12-17-08)
Mrs. Hawn taught History and was the advisor for the Centrusa Club. She was one of the most popular teachers at Garinger in the 1960's (Obituary in The Charlotte Observer 12-19-08)
--Shirley Heinbaugh (Early 1970s)
Mrs.Heinbaugh taught Latin, French and Spanish.
--Warren Hicks (11-22-2007)
PE Teacher at Garinger. (Obituary in Charlotte Observer 11-24-07.
--Martha Hipps (5-6-08)
Mrs. Hipps taught Typing and Business courses at Garinger. (obituary Charlotte Observer 5-7-08)
--Flora Huntley (3-7-2011)
History teacher. Obituary in Charlotte Observer 3-9-11.
--Wilma King (Not sure)
Art teacher.
--Gretta Kistler (12-7-07)
Mrs. Kistler was a guidance counselor. She lived to be 98 years old. (Charlotte Observer 12-11-07)
--Georgia Lewis (2-24-08)
Mrs. Lewis taught World History at Garinger.
--Dr. Robert L. Maddox (October 14, 2001)
Dr. Robert L. Maddox was the Band & Orchestra director at Garinger from the early 1960's, but later went on to Providence High School until his retirement. He directed the Charlotte Youth Symphony and The Charlotte Pops. His quality of excellence and high standards live on in each of those who had the opportunity to be taught and directed under his auspices. After some ongoing health problems, he died 30 years to the day of one of his orchestra (Bass) students, Phil Hughston (pending '73), who died as a result of injuries sustained in a GHS football game. Dr. Maddox is entombed at Sharon Memorial Mausoleum in Charlotte, NC with his flautist wife, Irene. He was affectionately known as "The Red Baron".
--Jeanne McKinnon (6-2-2012)
Mrs. McKinnon taught Math at Garinger before taking a position at CPCC. (Obituary in the Charlotte Observer 6-5-2012)
--Daniel McNeill (10-7-2012)
Mr. McNeill taught World History at Garinger in the 1960's
--Rena Cole Parks (11.23.92)
World history teacher
--Ernest Privette (9-15-07)
Taught Business courses at Central and Garinger. (obituary in Charlotte Observer 9-17-07)
--Philecta Reinhardt (03-02-1999)
--Janet Robinson (2-21-2004)
"Miss Janet" taught Bible for many years at Central and Garinger and was admired by all who knew her.
--John Sanders (Not sure)
Music teacher at Central and Garinger. Brother of Principal Ed Sanders.
--Catherine Sanders (1-5-2002)
(obituary-Greenville News 1-5-2002)Math teacher. Wife of John Sanders.
--George Sawyer (3-5-2001)
Biology teacher at Central and Garinger.
--Karl Sawyer (12-16-2001)
Math Teacher at Central and Garinger. Brother of George Sawyer.
--KC Sinclair (Not sure)
Mechanical Drawing teacher.
--Wistar Smith (1970's)
Mr.Smith was a Chemistry teacher. His daughter Camilla graduated from Garinger in 1970. Mr. Smith died from emphysema.
--Jack Stern (1-8-2002)
Dr.Stern was a band director at Central and Garinger. He became an Assistant Principal at Garinger in the 1960s and succeeded Ed Sanders as Principal in the 1970s.
--Jane Sterrett (3-7-2008)
Chemistry teacher.
--Joe Tomanchek (9-28-1979)
Coach Tomanchek led the Wildcats to a State Championship in football in 1959. He was also successful as Garinger's baseball coach.
--Eunice Wolfe (Not sure)
Mrs.Wolfe was a history teacher. She was known for baking prune cakes.

--R.E. Cummings (09/01/82)
Coach Cummings died of a heart attack while jogging at Independence High School.
--Don Hipps (April 2009)
Coach Hipps moved from Garinger and finished out his career at East Mecklenburg - He was married to Martha Hipps who died in late 2008.

--Barbara Divine (Gordon) (2008)
Mrs. Gordon was Barbara Divine who married Charles Gordon (Radio/Broadcast teacher). She was a teacher of French and then one of the Librarians in the Media Center. She passed away in 2008 and her funeral was held at St. John's Baptist Church.

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