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New Members
Pat Jones (1968)
Patti McCorkle (1972)
Billy D Brown (1965)
Joe Armeen (1964)
Richard Grigg (1960)
David Huntley (1966)
Jon Crouse (Other)
Cathy Sessions (1975)
Swathi Ruttala (2010)
Phyllis Hasty (1965)

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Charlie Kirby (1971)
Pat Jones (1968)

Recent Visitors
Charlie Kirby (1971)
Pat Jones (1968)
Billy D Brown (1965)
Brenda Railey (1965)
Patti McCorkle (1972)
Phyllis Hasty (1965)
Ernest (butch) Hitchcock (1964)
Jeff McWhirter (1966)
Joe Armeen (1964)
Richard Grigg (1960)